An Introduction

It's wonderful to own a sliver of the Internet. Having a personal website is a great way to share what you learn, experience, know, and care about with the world and your future self.

I'm taking advantage of it and hope you can benefit.

How I built this site (tech stack)

My personal site used to be vanilla HTML and CSS. Not efficient for writing posts on, so I rebuilt it to make publishing easy while explicitly retaining ownership over what I produce.

It uses Nuxt.js, Vue.js, TailwindCSS, Markdown, and Netlify — it's a joy to work with (ask me about it if you want to copy).

Now I can write an article in a Markdown file and it will automatically format into an article with a URL. I used to use Medium but am no longer a fan of the site and would like to own my output.

Here's the plan

To start, I'll put some scattered thoughts together into short pieces as writing practice. And to provide some value to those reading, I'll try a weekly curation of the content and new products that catch my interest (focused around technology, personal finance, and business) — makes it easier to get things going.

My writing will be more "hey, look what I'm learning and experiencing" than "hey, I'm an expert and you should do X". I'm staying away from absolute language because I'm still early in the journey and in no position to give advice or make general claims about the world. Even if I was more established, general advice and claims are often useless because people's scenarios are gray and contextual.

Motivations for doing this are documenting myself for future reflection (and laughs) and building an audience that I can share with for years to come (writing, future businesses/products, personal relationships, etc.).

Snapshot - it's Dec 27, 2019 and I:

  • live in downtown Austin, TX (2.5 months in),
  • work on two businesses (Wingman Tracker and The TIE),
  • just started growing food in my 350sqft studio apartment,
  • enjoy a whole food plant-based diet (6+ years in),
  • spend about $24k per year all-in,
  • am focused on building upside instead of short-term financial gain,
  • gained enough web technology skill to build what I want, and
  • feel satisfied with life as a whole without much worry about the future.

Here's to completing the first post and to a great 2020!